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    Frost, The Scarred

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    Frost, The Scarred  Empty Frost, The Scarred

    Post by Gemini on Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:24 am

    Name (future names if any) - Frost> Frostfire
    Age (in moons) -  27 moons
    Gender - Female
    Clan wanted (if kitty-pet or loner, put N/A) - Loner> Riverclan
    Rank wanted (if loner or kitty-pet, just put loner or kitty-pet) - Loner> Warrior

    Fur color (be descriptive if needed) - White with grey stripes
    Eye color (if more than one eye color, tell which eye is which color) - Both of her eyes are blood red
    Markings (if any, BE REALISTIC!) - unusual stripe patterns
    Scars (if any, put location of them!) - She has a large scar that starts partly under her belly and stretches to her thigh.
    Appearance image (optional, but if put, make sure it is visible to both the user and the moderators/administrators!) - Frost

    Personality (MUST be a MINIMUM of 3 FULL sentences. NO EXCEPTIONS!) - As a loner Frost is a very weary and cautious cat. She is always on alert and will hurt anyone when surprised. She is a really strong individual on her own but combined, she seems unstoppable. When she joins Riverclan she is softened and becomes highly protective. All in all she is sweet, caring, defensive, and unique.
    Likes (optional, be specific if put) - Leaf-bare and swimming
    Dislikes (optional, be specific if put) - Hot days
    Fears (optional, be specific if put) - None known.

    Mate/crush (must put if applied to character!) - Crimson (deceased)
    Kits (if any) - N/A
    Family (siblings, parents, etc.) - unknown 
    Friends (be specific if possible) - Pebble, Tadpole, and Cherry (kittypets)
    Enemies (optional) - Cloud and Pyro (Rogues, step- siblings)

    History (MUST be a MINIMUM of 5 FULL sentences. MUST be at least 100 WORDS in order to get a high rank) - Frost was taken away from her parents at an early age by a group of rogues. She grew up with them thinking that they were her parents until she found out the truth one night. She ran away from the cats that raised her and began a life in the forest. She made friends with three kittypets and shared many tales with them. She met Crimson through Tadpole and the two fell in love. One night the two were going to meet up at the lake. She waited there for him but he never came. She was close to giving up before a cat peered out of the bushes. She thought that it was Crimson but it was Pyro. He was covered in blood with a wicked grin. He said, "take this as a warning for the next time you dis my family." With that Cloud padded out of the bushes and dropped the body of Crimson. Frost, heart broken attacked the two, nearly killing Cloud and earning the scar. She ran off and stumbled upon Riverclan.
    Other information (disabilities, secrets, etc.) - She hasn't told anyone about her past. I wanna roleplay out her joining Riverclan so that's why some stuff is striked out.

    I love my freedom
    Don't take it away
    I love my son
    Please, don't take him away
    I have another half
    Don't tear me away from her
    I have a new family
    Don't detach me from them
    I am me
    Please, don't make me change

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    Frost, The Scarred  Empty Re: Frost, The Scarred

    Post by Minkstar on Tue Mar 01, 2016 10:53 pm

    Frost, The Scarred  QualifyApprovedSupport
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    Founder / Clan Leader

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    Frost, The Scarred  Empty Re: Frost, The Scarred

    Post by Whitesplotch on Thu Mar 10, 2016 4:18 am

    Cool character! Smile
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    Medicine Cat

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    Frost, The Scarred  Empty Re: Frost, The Scarred

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