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Cherrypaw, meddie apprentice of WindClan

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Cherrypaw, meddie apprentice of WindClan Empty Cherrypaw, meddie apprentice of WindClan

Post by Daisyleap on Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:00 pm

Cherrypaw, meddie apprentice of WindClan 2-92
Cherrypaw is a black she-cat with white mittens and underbelly, as well as small spots and stripes of white scattered across her back. Her mesmerizing emerald green eyes stun all the toms, though she is dedicated to her job and her job only. She has a cute pink nose and very fluffy fur, like a kits. She has unusual black claws and an orange-red tailtip. She loves kits and apprentices, and hopes she will gain one of her own soon to train. She may be medicine cat, but she still participates in battles and is very loyal to her Clan. She has a special connection with StarClan and usually keeps the prophecies and omens to herself since she is not too trustworthy of the leader. She sometimes sneaks out of camp to hunt, claiming that she doesn't want others to seem like her servants and bring her food all the time. She's okay and pretty average at fighting but she still does it. Many scars from the past on her pelt prove this. She can sometimes be a handful but is the right cat to come to when you need some cheering up. She's a fast worker even though she often gets lost in her thoughts and accidentally gives cats too many poppy seeds or makes them roll around in honey rather than swallowing it to help the throat. Her brother, Mudpaw, originally wanted to become medicine cat, but when they were apprenticed it was immediately switched and Cherrypaw got Brookwhisker as her mentor. Brookwhisker and her eventually became good friends, but Cherrypaw got criticized many times because of her wandering mind. But, even though all of her troubles and few disabilities, she is still the greatest medicine keeper WindClan has ever seen.
NOTICE: Mudpaw/Mudfrost is open and free for anyone to make. Her future name will be Cherrytree. :3
Medicine Cat Apprentice
Medicine Cat Apprentice

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Cherrypaw, meddie apprentice of WindClan Empty Re: Cherrypaw, meddie apprentice of WindClan

Post by Minkstar on Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:07 pm

I was gonna tell you to edit and use the character template I have for everyone, but since you have all the information that is mostly on the template, I can allow this to be an acceptable form

Cherrypaw, meddie apprentice of WindClan 3476700967
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Founder / Clan Leader

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