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Adder In The Grass (Work-In-Progress!)

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Adder In The Grass (Work-In-Progress!) Empty Adder In The Grass (Work-In-Progress!)

Post by Minkstar on Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:17 pm

Clans & Cast


Leader ~
Shadestar - huge black she-cat; luminescent green eyes
Apprentice; Winterpaw
Deputy ~
Moonpelt - medium sized tom with white fur and faint gray spots throughout it; blue eyes; mate of Poppyseed
Medicine Cat ~
Sootflight - thick-furred black tom; lime-green eyes
Apprentice; Thunderpaw
Warriors ~
Mistypelt - dark grey she-cat; amber eyes
Apprentice; Fogpaw
Shadowpelt - black tom; amber eyes; mate of Luckyclover
Apprentice; Riverpaw
Cloverleaf - calico she-cat; amber eyes
Apprentice; Frostpaw
Sunnymorning - yellow tabby she-cat; blue eyes
Queens ~
Luckyclover - tortoiseshell she-cat; amber eyes; mother of Riverpaw; nursing Shadowpelt’s kits: Thistlekit (murky brown she-kit), Murkykit (murky brown tom), and Coalkit (black tom)
Poppyseed - yellow tabby she-cat; green eyes; expecting Moonpelt's kits
Purpledawn - white she-cat; unusual purple colored eyes; mother of Frostpaw, Winterpaw, and Fogpaw; nursing Frozenkill’s kit: Icykit (white she-kit with blue clouded eye, born blind)
Apprentices ~
Fogpaw - white tom; blue eyes
Riverpaw - murky brown she-cat; green eyes
Thunderpaw - yellow tabby tom; amber eyes
Frostpaw - white she-cat; green eyes
Elders ~
No-tail - white-and-black she-cat with bob-tail; milky eyes; blind due to age; oldest she-cat in Mistclan
Blindweed - russet tom with milky eyes; blind due to age; oldest tom in Mistclan
Scarface - white tom with old scars across face; one missing eye due to battle and one green eye
Hiddenears - dark brown she-cat with no ears due to battles; yellow eyes
Milkyeyes - pitch black tom with milky eyes; blind due to age


Leader ~
Thornstar - russet tom with fur the color of blood-stained autumn leaves; multi-colored eyes that stand out
Deputy ~
Bloodfur - reddish colored tabby tom; yellow eyes; mate of Prairierose; father of Honeypaw
Medicine Cat ~
Panthertail - sleek black she-cat; blue eyes
Apprentice; Honeypaw
Warriors ~
Ivypelt – black she-cat; luminescent green eyes giving her name
Apprentice; Sandpaw
Cherryblossom – yellow tabby she-cat; amber eyes
Rainfur – dark gray tom; blue eyes
Apprentice; Quillpaw
Grayskies – dark gray she-cat; blue eyes
Apprentice; Oakpaw
Mudfang – brown tom with unusually long fangs; yellow eyes; mate of Desertflower
Apprentice; Dreadpaw
Frozenkill – handsome white tom; blue eyes; mate of Purpledawn
Queens ~
Lovelight - tortoiseshell she-cat; irresistible blue eyes; nursing Feralclaw’s kit: Swiftkit (tortoiseshell tom)
Prairierose - reddish brown she-cat; yellow eyes; mother of Oakpaw; nursing Bloodfur’s kit: Maplekit (reddish brown she-kit); adoptive mother of Dreadpaw and Quillpaw; nursing adoptive kit: Patchkit (black-and-white bicolor she-kit)
Desertflower - yellow tabby she-cat; green eyes; mother of Sandpaw; nursing Mudfang’s kit: Firekit (orange tabby tom)
Apprentices ~
Sandpaw – yellow tabby she-cat; blue eyes
Oakpaw – reddish brown tom with a white paw; yellow eyes
Honeypaw –pale yellow tabby she-cat with faint orange stripes on legs; amber eyes
Quillpaw – black-and-white tom; lavender eyes
Dreadpaw – black she-cat; red eyes
Elders ~
Silentwhisper – silvery tom with battle scars; amber eyes; oldest tom in Thistleclan
Miserystone – dark gray she-cat with one ear; milky eyes; blind due to age; oldest she-cat in Thistleclan


Leader ~
Secretstar – a sleek white she-cat; two differently colored eyes, left is amber and right is blue
Deputy ~
Kindredheart – a brownish golden tabby with a black tipped tail; green eyes
Medicine Cat ~
Adderfang – a sleek black she-cat; lavender colored eyes; secret mother of Tinykit; father of secret kit is Shadowpelt
Apprentice; Opalpaw
Warriors ~
Brushfang – a brown tabby tom; yellow eyes
Apprentice; Leopardpaw
Sparrowheart – a yellow tabby she-cat; green eyes
Apprentice; Vinepaw
Hawkclaw – reddish brown tom; yellow eyes
Foxflight – red she-cat with white underbelly, paws, and tail tip (fox pattern coat); blue eyes
Apprentice; Cheetahpaw
Feralclaw – orange tabby tom; yellow eyes
Apprentice; Eaglepaw
Silverfang – silvery pelted she-cat; unusually blue eyes
Apprentice; Lionpaw
Briarrose – brown she-cat; yellow eyes
Apprentice; Minkpaw
Queens ~
Smallfoot – small but fearless light brown tabby she-cat; yellow eyes; mother of Lionpaw and Vinepaw; nursing Brushfang’s kit: Briarkit (brown she-kit)
Swallowsky – orangish brown she-cat with a bobtail; blue eyes; mother of Minkpaw and Eaglepaw; nursing Hawkclaw’s kit: Cloverkit (orangish brown she-kit)
Daisylove – white she-cat; yellow eyes; aboptive mother of Cheetahpaw and Leopardpaw; nursing adoptive kit: Tinykit (black tom)
Apprentices ~
Minkpaw – orangish brown she-cat; yellow eyes
Vinepaw – brown tom; green eyes
Eaglepaw – orangish brown tom with medium sized tail; blue eyes
Lionpaw – light brown tabby tom; yellow eyes
Cheetahpaw – unusually spotted she-cat; blue eyes
Leopardpaw – unusually spotted she-cat; green eyes
Opalpaw – calico she-cat; blue eyes
Elders ~
Deadroot – dark brown tom; milky eyes; oldest tom in Whisperclan
Maplestone – orangish brown she-cat with one milky eye and one blue eyes; oldest she-cat in Whisperclan
Lonelyheart – an old she-cat with a spotted pelt; green eyes; deaf


Leader ~
Angelstar – white she-cat with very fluffy tail which has a very faint silver tip; blue eyes
Deputy ~
Dappledfur – calico she-cat (brown, black, and orange patches); teal colored eyes
Apprentice; Silverpaw
Medicine Cat ~
Featherfur – white she-cat with faint gray splotches; green eyes
Apprentice; Blindpaw
Warriors ~
Stormheart – gray tom with brown splotches; green eyes
Apprentice; Solarpaw
Clearstream – silver she-cat with gray patch over right eye; icy-blue eyes
Apprentice; Ferretpaw
Jaguarclaw – unusually spotted golden tabby tom; amber eyes
Apprentice; Iciclepaw
Lilaceyes – Siamese she-cat; lilac colored eyes
Apprentice; Thermalpaw
Lunalight – silver tabby she-cat; blue eyes
Apprentice; Dustpaw
Starshine – cream colored she-cat; blue eyes; formerly a kitty-pet by the name of Nutmeg
Duststorm – cream colored tom; green eyes; formerly a kitty-pet by the name of Eggnog
Apprentice; Tornadopaw
Icyfrost – white she-cat; powder blue eyes; formerly a kitty-pet by the name of Precious
Queens ~
Raccoontail – silver she-cat with black face mask, paws, and striped tail; brown eyes; mother of Blindpaw, Tornadopaw, and Ferretpaw; nursing an unknown rouge’s kits: Swirlkit (white she-kit with spiraling gray stripes) and Twistkit (white tom with spiraling brown stripes)
Dandellion – yellow tabby she-cat with white paws, chest patch, and tail tip; green eyes; mother of Thermalpaw, Solarpaw, and Dustpaw; nursing Jaguarclaw’s kits: Servalkit (spotted golden tabby she-kit), Tigerkit (orangish tabby tom), and Ocelotkit (spotted golden tabby she-kit)
Chillflower – white she-cat with silver splotches; amber eyes; mother of Silverpaw and Iciclepaw; nursing an unknown kitty-pet’s kits: Starkit (silvery she-kit) and Cloudkit (whitish tom)
Apprentices ~
Blindpaw – silver she-cat with gray splotches; green clouded over eyes; blind
Tornadopaw – gray tom with silver splotches; blue eyes
Ferretpaw – silver she-cat with black face mask, paws, and tail from top to tip; amber eyes
Thermalpaw – yellow tabby tom; green eyes
Solarpaw – yellow tabby tom; amber eyes
Dustpaw – yellow tabby tom; blue eyes
Silverpaw – silvery pelted she-cat; icy-blue eyes
Iciclepaw – white she-cat; icy-blue eyes
Elders ~
Twistedfoot – black tom with a white paw that it twisted backwards due to an accident; blue eyes; oldest tom in Moonclan
Sunstone – brown she-cat with one ear; blind due to age; oldest she-cat in Moonclan

Cats Outside of Clans

Max – dapple pelted tom; honey yellow eyes; rouge; roams in and near Sun Stirrup Ranch; friends with a Tetra Shepherd Dog and Australian Shepherd that live their also; mate of Kitty
Wish – medium-sized gray tabby she-cat with silver stripes; green eyes; lives inside a hollowed-out log near Ghost Falls
Rex – thickly-furred cream tom with burnt cream paws, face mask, and tail tip; rouge; lives inside a hole in a tree right in the middle of the four clan territories
Spots – white tom with faint gray splotches; rouge; lives inside the abandoned barn just inside Mistclan territory with another rouge named Mittens
Mittens – black she-cat that has white fore-socks, white hind-stockings, white underbelly, muzzle, and tail tip; ice-blue eyes; rouge; lives inside the abandoned barn with another rouge named Spots
Jinx – black & white bicolor tom; green eyes; rouge; roams the streets of Two-legplace but lives in a cave near Four Paths
Kitty – yellow tabby she-cat with white paws and tail tip; green eyes; rouge
Rafael – orange tabby tom; brown eyes; rouge
Shiver – white she-cat; ice-blue eyes; kitty-pet from Two-legplace
Milkshake – white she-cat with faint gray splotches; green eyes; kitty-pet from Two-legplace
Devil – reddish tabby tom; amber eyes; rouge
Misery – reddish tabby she-cat; green eyes; kitty-pet from Two-legplace
Snowflake & Mr. Cloud – two identical tom and she-cat with green eyes; only difference is their collars; Snowflake has a blue while Mr. Cloud has a green; kitty-pets from Two-legplace
Tiger – orange tabby tom; blue eyes; rouge
Midnight – black she-cat with a tiny white speck on chest; blue eyes
Smokey – dark gray tom; green eyes; rouge
Muddywater – dapple pelted tom; green eyes; formerly a Moonclan warrior

Other Animals

Mazy – female Australian shepherd with brown eyes and a red bandanna (white paw-print on one corner). Lives on Sun Stirrup Ranch with Max, Avalanche, and Sahara.
Avalanche – male Tetra Shepherd dog with blue eyes. Lives with Mazy, Max, and Sahara on Sun Stirrup Ranch.
Sahara – female Golden Retriever with brown eyes. Lives with Avalanche, Max, and Mazy.
Fury – black mustang with black mane and tail. Untamed horse on Sun Stirrup Ranch
Acorn – palomino mare. Tamed horse on Sun Stirrup Ranch
Dapple – gray stallion with white patches and white mane and tail. Tamed horse on Sun Stirrup Ranch
Chestnut – brown stallion with black mane and tail. Tamed horse at Sun Stirrup Ranch
Cherokee – brown and white paint horse stallion. Tamed horse at Sun Stirrup Ranch
Star – white filly with a black star-like-shaped mark on her forehead. Foal of Chilly. Untamed due to age filly on Sun Stirrup Ranch
Shadow – dark gray stallion with white fore-socks, white hind-stockings, and a blaze down his muzzle. Tamed horse at Sun Stirrup Ranch
Chilly – white mare with gray nose. Mother of Star. Tamed horse at Sun Stirrup Ranch
Chaos – dark brown mustang with cream mane and tail and a white sock on his right fore-leg. Untamed horse at Sun Stirrup Ranch
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Founder / Clan Leader

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