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Whitesplotch's Bio

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Whitesplotch's Bio Empty Whitesplotch's Bio

Post by Whitesplotch on Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:21 pm

Name (future names if any) - Whitesplotch
Age (in moons) - 18 moons
Gender - Female
Clan wanted (if kitty-pet or loner, put N/A) - Deathclan
Rank wanted (if loner or kitty-pet, just put loner or kitty-pet) - Medicine Cat


Fur color (be descriptive if needed) - Black and white
Eye color (if more than one eye color, tell which eye is which color) - Silver
Markings (if any, BE REALISTIC!) - White splotch that covers her left eye and muzzle
Scars (if any, put location of them!) - None
Appearance image (optional, but if put, make sure it is visible to both the user and the moderators/administrators!) - Whitesplotch's Bio Z


Personality (MUST be a MINIMUM of 3 FULL sentences. NO EXCEPTIONS!) - Whitesplotch is very clever but keeps silent most of the time due to her being bullied by her clan mates for being smart. She is often timid to cats she don't know, and isn't very well experienced due to her mentor dying not too far into her training as a medicine cat apprentice. She is almost always the strong-but-silent type. She over-reacts very easily and is always sensitive to everything any cat says to her.
Likes (optional, be specific if put) - Being alone
Dislikes (optional, be specific if put) - Being bullied by clan mates, war, rude cats, and new members to the clan (including kits)
Fears (optional, be specific if put) - War


Mate/crush (must put if applied to character!) - Crush: Branchpelt (Deathclan for anyone to take)
Kits (if any) - Doesn't plan on having any due to her being a medicine cat, and she dislikes kits
Family (siblings, parents, etc.) - Father: Paul (loner), mother: Raven (kitty-pet), siblings: Jet (tom, loner) and Samuel (tom, loner)
Friends (be specific if possible) - Doesn't have any friends yet, but is planning on earning some
Enemies (optional) - Mean clanmates, two-leggeds, two-leg dogs, and cats from other clans


History (MUST be a MINIMUM of 5 FULL sentences. MUST be at least 100 WORDS in order to get a high rank) - Whitesplotch was originally named Patch due to her being born in a two-leg's nest with her brothers before all three of them left their house-folk in search of a better life. Her two brothers became loners like her father while she found Deathclan. She had hoped to become a warrior like her crush had, but she didn't have the choice. She never did understand why she has silver eyes, which most cats do not. Until she found she had a power to hear things other cats didn't (like a badger swimming in a lake even though it is on the other side of a valley), she then learned that a medicine cat was the best choice for her.
Other information (disabilities, secrets, etc.) - Is able to hear things cats can't at the time they happen (like Dovewing)

Medicine Cat
Medicine Cat

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Whitesplotch's Bio Empty Re: Whitesplotch's Bio

Post by Minkstar on Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:24 pm

Yes, Whitesplotch can have a power, but please make sure that the next biography you make uses a different image than what's on your profile, you got it?
Founder / Clan Leader
Founder / Clan Leader

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