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Two Cats In One

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Two Cats In One Empty Two Cats In One

Post by Gemini on Thu Jul 16, 2015 6:17 pm


The sky is a shining blue. The wisp-like clouds passed over the abandoned two-leg barn. Prey is plentiful here. There is plenty of warmth for us here. Oh, I forgot to mention, I live in this barn with my son and some other loners. The others are very nice. Most welcome guests with open paws. Some are stuck up. But we all warm up to each other. But, there are times when cats find a path and leave the barn.

Our family grows about two cats per season. That is unless kits are born. Right now we have no kits and not expecting. But hey the less cats the less prey is killed off. Three cats left in the last two moons. It wasn’t such a loss but yet they are missed.

Each cat that has arrived and left all have a story to tell to others. One tale of horror and deceit and another of love and family. Even I have my story. I share part of the story with my son, Star. I have told it many times that it has become a legendary tale. I am growing older with the tale. Though once I die, I know I will still live. I close my eyes and see the worst times of my life. But when I open them I see the happiest moments any cat could ever ask for.


I raise my head and see Star. He is a well trained son. He walks proudly and shines brightly. His silver eye reflects his bravery and hope. The star planted on his forehead shows honor and carries his name. He stops in front of my sitting form and plops down next to me.

“What is it?” I mewed and flicked his nose with the tip of my tail.

“Nothing much, I just wanted to rest next to you.” His voice was quiet as he began drifting into sleep. I smiled gently and laid down next to him. Yes he maybe the age of a soon to be warrior, but he expresses his love freely and cares not of who notices or judge.

I look around the area and noticed Rhyme. Rhyme is a wonderful kin. She is Stars’ mate. She is just as sweet as him and keeps everyone in the barn happy. She sat on brick wall. Her red-oak pelt moved with the wind and you could hear the jingling of the bell laced to a purple collar around her neck. I couldn’t ask for a better she-cat to care for my son. One day I hope that they have kits and I’ll be there to see them. Heck they better. I have about 11 more seasons before I die from age. I mean I am only 5 seasons old, not elder old.

“Hey Rhyme!” I called out to the she-cat. She turned her head around and smiled to me.

“Yes, Gemini?” She mewed.

“Why don’t you come rest with us? The sun is at it’s highest and it’s getting pretty warm. Why not take a nap before the warmth leaves?”

Rhyme nodded and padded her way over. I could see the tiredness in her leaf-green eyes. She laid down at my other side and placed her head on my back. The happiest moments and going by so quickly but yet I’ll remember them and cherish them. I rested my head on my paws and closed my eyes. The past began to flood into my mind as I drifted into sleep.


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Two Cats In One Empty Re: Two Cats In One

Post by Minkstar on Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:11 am

Nice story, I can't wait to see how it ends Smile
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