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The Gemini Cat

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The Gemini Cat Empty The Gemini Cat

Post by Gemini on Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:02 am

Name (future names if any) - Gemini
Age (in moons) - 11 moons
Gender - Female

Clan wanted (if kitty-pet or loner, put N/A) - N/A
Rank wanted (if loner or kitty-pet, just put loner or kitty-pet) - Loner I believe I should put it

Fur color (be descriptive if needed) - Tabby brown
Eye color (if more than one eye color, tell which eye is which color) - Left eye is orange as the Right eye is turquoise.

Markings (if any, BE REALISTIC!) - Being a tabby she has many stripes but the stripes on the right side are barely visible. As on the left side you could see them clearly without a close up. She also has chocolate mittens on her right paws.

Scars (if any, put location of them!) - There is a large scar across the back of her neck with she gained for believing in what she thought was right and fought against her “clan”.
Appearance image (optional, but if put, make sure it is visible to both the user and the moderators/administrators!) -  
Gemini Headshot:
The Gemini Cat Gemini10

Personality (MUST be a MINIMUM of 3 FULL sentences. NO EXCEPTIONS!) - She is a cat of different personalities. Hence her title. She is curious, playful and gentle. She is very curious because she is young. Gentle because she cares. Playful because she wants to bring joy. Those are the main traits of her good side. She also has a bad side. On her bad side she becomes mysterious, temperamental, stubborn, and truthful. On her bad side she can become very, lets say, someone you don’t want to mess with. But when she is on her bad side all actions seem to be control sub-consciously, or she doesn’t know what she is doing.
Likes (optional, be specific if put) - Helping and independence
Dislikes (optional, be specific if put) - Cats who have no heart
Fears (optional, be specific if put) - Watching the ones she loves die and being alone

Mate/crush (must put if applied to character!) - N/A
Kits (if any) -
She adopts a kit and named him Star when she is 22 moons
Family (siblings, parents, etc.) -

Father: Lion

Mother: Hawthorne (deceased)

Big Brother: Hound

Little Sister: Moona(deceased)
Friends (be specific if possible) - Later on
Enemies (optional) -

History (MUST be a MINIMUM of 5 FULL sentences. MUST be at least 100 WORDS in order to get a high rank) - I am working on her history in a story soon to be posted
Other information (disabilities, secrets, etc.) - She lives in a “clan” that was always on the move until they found a home. Every cat is ranked by their fur color. Black being the lowest and white being the highest. She see’s strange things that hardly any other cats see. Mainly starry figures.

I have a story about her in progress, which is mainly about her history. Could I post the story in the Novels section instead of having to type her history here? Also I would add more but I don't want to spoiler her future completely.

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The Gemini Cat Empty Re: The Gemini Cat

Post by Minkstar on Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:07 am

Accepted, feel free to start roleplaying after I create a topic for you Smile
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Founder / Clan Leader

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