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Tenebrae, the small but smart

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Tenebrae, the small but smart Empty Tenebrae, the small but smart

Post by Tenebrae on Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:46 pm

Name (future names if any) - Tenebrae -> Blizzardkit -> Blizzardpaw -> Blizzardfur
Age (in moons) - 5 moons
Gender - Male
Clan wanted (if kitty-pet or loner, put N/A) - N/A then Deathclan
Rank wanted (if loner or kitty-pet, just put loner or kitty-pet) - Loner then Kit


Fur color (be descriptive if needed) - White, gray, and darker gray
Eye color (if more than one eye color, tell which eye is which color) - Icy-blue
Markings (if any, BE REALISTIC!) - Gray and darker gray patches throughout fur
Scars (if any, put location of them!) - None
Appearance image (optional, but if put, make sure it is visible to both the user and the moderators/administrators!) - Tenebrae, the small but smart Loving-silver-tabby-and-white-pet-for-rehoming-5427ee6c71fde


Personality (MUST be a MINIMUM of 3 FULL sentences. NO EXCEPTIONS!) - Tenebrae is very shy, clever, curious, adventurous, quiet, and energetic. If you picture the short haired boy in class with the nerd glasses who always is the first to raise his hand, you'd pretty much have Tenebrae. He is a quick-thinker who usually has something to say but not enough confidence in himself to actually say it.
Likes (optional, be specific if put) - Being complimented on his smartness
Dislikes (optional, be specific if put) - Being bullied by other kits due to his intelligence
Fears (optional, be specific if put) - His intellect leading his clanmates to use him for bad purposes


Mate/crush (must put if applied to character!) - Not really taking a liking to anyone just yet
Kits (if any) - Still is one, so 'no'
Family (siblings, parents, etc.) - His parents are unknown to him and his siblings as well
Friends (be specific if possible) - To be determined
Enemies (optional) - Bullies


History (MUST be a MINIMUM of 5 FULL sentences. MUST be at least 100 WORDS in order to get a high rank) - Tenebrae was born to two kitty-pets who mistreated him so much that he decided to run away. While he was still in his tow-leg nest, he sometimes had dreams of the outside world and of the forest (like Firestar did in the first book). Tenebrae finally decided to leave and wasn't sure of where he was going before he stumbled upon Deathclan territory, unintentionally running into Deathclan camp. Before he even knew of the clan's whereabouts, he had weird experiences where he'd know what was going to happen to him before it actually happened. He never really found out what it was or why it happens to him until after he joined Deathclan.
Other information (disabilities, secrets, etc.) - He has the power to know what is going to happen to him before it happens


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Tenebrae, the small but smart Empty Re: Tenebrae, the small but smart

Post by Minkstar on Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:31 pm

Accepted, and yes, Tenebrae can have a power and he can be a loner before he joins Deathclan Smile
Founder / Clan Leader
Founder / Clan Leader

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