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Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan

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Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan Empty Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan

Post by Enviousrain on Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:29 pm

Name (future names if any) - Envy ~ Enviousrain
Age (in moons) - 36 moons
Gender - Female
Clan wanted (if kitty-pet or loner, put N/A) - ShadowClan
Rank wanted (if loner or kitty-pet, just put loner or kitty-pet) - Deputy

Fur color (be descriptive if needed) - A swift calico she-cat with long legs and small ears.
Eye color (if more than one eye color, tell which eye is which color) - Her right eye is an emerald green gaze and her left one is a mesmerizing blue glare.
Markings (if any, BE REALISTIC!) - N/A
Scars (if any, put location of them!) - N/A, but will get many in the future.
Appearance image (optional, but if put, make sure it is visible to both the user and the moderators/administrators!) -

Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan Emberstar2_by_flintly-d9awd98

Personality (MUST be a MINIMUM of 3 FULL sentences. NO EXCEPTIONS!) - Enviousrain is notably an aggressive and overly defensive she-cat. She can be absentminded and gets easily frustrated over the simplest of things. When things go wrong, she isn't one to run away from a challenge and instead anticipates battles. The warrior code means nothing to this she-cat when her Clan is in trouble.
Likes (optional, be specific if put) - 

  • Family

  • Power

  • Newleaf

  • Thunderstorms

  • Nighttime

  • Solitude

Dislikes (optional, be specific if put) -

  • Mud

  • RiverClan

  • kittypets

  • weaknesses

  • not being in control of something

  • love

  • emotions

Fears (optional, be specific if put) -
This she-cat has no fears. The only thing she worries about every once in a while is getting teased because of her former life.

Mate/crush (must put if applied to character!) - N/A
Kits (if any) - N/A
Family (siblings, parents, etc.) -

All deceased.
Friends (be specific if possible) - N/A
Enemies (optional) - RiverClan.

History (MUST be a MINIMUM of 5 FULL sentences. MUST be at least 100 WORDS in order to get a high rank) -

Envy, Flare and Drift were born to a rogue she~cat named Misty, and a rogue tom named Jay. Jay himself was a half RiverClan cat, and against his better judgement, fell for Misty when he was young. Jay never really loved Misty, and, as heartbroken as she was, Misty pushed him in front of a scarlet-red monster. When she realized she was expecting Jay's kits, she escaped to ShadowClan. When Envy, Flare and Drift were born, Misty confessed to ShadowClan that she didn't really come from RiverClan, and was exiled. A foster queen decided to take Envy in as her own secretly after Misty took her siblings.
Envy loved Iceshatter like she was their real mother -as she didn't know-, and when Misty was killed by greencough when she was apprenticed, she went to her for comfort. Iceshatter told Enviousrain when she became a warrior that she wasn't her real mother, and died a few moons later after retiring from a belly tumor. Soon after that she was elected deputy, taking on a hate towards RiverClan and agreeing to serve her Clan once she becomes leader.
Other information (disabilities, secrets, etc.) - N/A

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Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan Empty Re: Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan

Post by Daisyleap on Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:41 pm

Nice, Envy~!
Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan 2850533489

Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan Leader12
{made by the lovely Minkstar~! Thanks~!} Smile
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Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan Empty Re: Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan

Post by Minkstar on Sun Sep 27, 2015 11:52 pm

Interesting character, but I'm a bit concerned about her Fears. Saying she has no fears is not acceptable, every cat has something they fear, even leaders have fears!
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Founder / Clan Leader

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Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan Empty Re: Enviousrain, Deputy of ShadowClan

Post by Sponsored content

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