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Emeraldgaze, Medicine Cat of the Shadows

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Emeraldgaze, Medicine Cat of the Shadows Empty Emeraldgaze, Medicine Cat of the Shadows

Post by Emeraldgaze on Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:52 am

Name - Emeraldgaze [Previously Known as: Emeraldpaw, Emily]
Age - 25 moons
Gender - ♀ She-Cat ♀
Clan Wanted - ShadowClan
Rank Wanted -  Medicine Cat


Fur Color - Black and white
Eye Color - Bright green
Markings - The black-and-white pattern of her fur
Scars - N//A
Appearance Image - [Add Later] "New members are not allowed to post external links or emails for 7 days. Please contact the forum administrator for more information."
Appearance Extra: She's short and has a more fragile build, thin and petite. On top of that, she lacks any claws.


Personality - Emeraldgaze is a kind, peaceful cat who dedicates her attention to her work. She worries for the sake of the warriors whenever they go through battle, but doesn't panic easy. Calm and usually collected, she doesn't care how snappy her Clanmates are and won't snap back unless under extreme stress. Her heart is soft to every cat, no matter their Clan as long as they aren't overly rude. She's not a big fighter, instead preferring a less hostile aproach to situations. Being excellent with words helps out with that cause, often times able to talk her way out of situations she doesn't want to be in.
Likes -
~Organization; it's the key to knowing where things are when they're needed.
~Helping; whether it be healing or doing favors for the elders, it keeps her on the Clan's good side. That, and it's a nice thing to do.
~The Medicine Cat Den; it's her home, her sanctum! She loves the smell of the herbs and maintaining her stock, even spending time with the ill and wounded within it.
~Kits; they're so innocent and defenseless. It's cute.
Dislikes -
~Clutter and Messes; a number one pet peeve, it's the exact oposite of organization. It makes it practically impossible to find things and would never be suitable for her to properly deal with.
~Fights; she's not a fan of watching others battle, only doing so if she must. Otherwise, she avoids it completely and heals the wounds after its over.
~Rude Cats; what else is there to say? They're rude (and possibly disrespectful).
~A Low Stock; every medicine cat's worst nightmare: a lack in herbs. Without a full-stock, how does one know if they have enough herbs to heal with?
Fears -
~Fighting; if she were to ever get dragged into the midst of a war to fight, she'd be entirely helpless, and she knows that. Not to mention that she'd be going against her entire nature to bring pain to another cat if not for the purpose to heal.
~History; her past isn't the best in terms of her relation to her Clanmates. After all, it affects her true connection to them, the relatablility. In all truth, the thing she fears most of it is the chance that she'll ever want to return to it.


Mate/crush - N/A
Kits - N/A
Family -
~Ruben; her father, a ginger tom; former loner turned kittypet.
~Stacy; her mother, a black-and-white she-cat; former ShadowClan warrior {Webfur} turned kittypet.
~Ginger; her sister, a ginger-furred kittypet.
~Autumn; her sister, a ginger-furred kittypet.
Friends -
~No-tail; elder of ShadowClan
~Brookwhisker; medicine cat of WindClan
~The other medicine cats. (List will be updated as time goes on)
Enemies - No one, really. (To be updated as the Friend List is)


History -  ((Total Word Count: 1899///You have been warned.))
Part 1:
In the middle of the night when the full-moon reached its highest point, three kits were born. Two of them held their father's appearance in fur and were named Ginger and Autumn. The third held their mother's appearance with a black and white pelt. This kit was named Emily. Emily had always been the housefolk's favorite, and when the little housefolk was told to choose one, it was her. By the tie her siblings' eyes had opened, they were given away. The remaining trio of parents and kit were happy together. They were happy and proud, but then Emily began to think. Her thoughts wandered to the stories her mother had told her; more specifically, the stories of the feral cats in the forest. She wondered how her mother knew about the cats.

And so she asked.

Emily spoke up, asking her mother questions about the stories she had told. The answer she received was one that the small feline would have never expected. To this very day, she remembers the exact words of her mother that day.

"I was once one of them," Emily's mother spoke carefully, "It was fun, really. Running around, hunting, patrolling... My name was Webfur, and I was a warrior. I loved it... until I met Ruben. He was so kind unlike many of my fellow Clanmates. Compared to them, he was the best cat I ever knew. So, I held a relationship with him, a loner. It wasn't exactly approved by my Clan, so I had to keep it secret. And I did until my Clanmates found his den in the territory. They started to drive him away, but when he refused to leave, they began to battle. Fortunately, I was walking by. In efforts to defend Ruben, I turned on my Clanmates. I entrusted my loyalty more to him than my very Clan. As such, I was banished, and Ruben took me to live here in the twolegplace with the kind housefolk. And now, there's no other place I'd rather be."

That story left an impact on Emily. Before hearing about it, Emily had wanted to go into the forest, but it was at this point that she began to reconsider. Her mother spoke up once more, telling the older kit that, as soon as she reached the age of six moons, she'd be allowed to make the decision for herself. She'd have to choose whether to stay and enjoy the soft life she had known for her entire life or go adventure the world beyond.

And so when that time came, Emily sat at the backyard's fence with her parents as they expectantly awaited an answer. The small she-cat glanced at her mother, staring down at her paws. She would return to her mother's Clan, but she would never fight. It would be impossible, not to mention that she, being raised in a sheltered den, hadn't known the heat of battle. She hadn't known the pain of illness or death of a loved one. She was soft. And so with a gift attacked to her collar, she leaped over the fence to enter the forest she had heard so much about with her parents' worried eyes following. They watched until the very tip of her tail was gone before returning to their housefolk, their kit gone.
Part 2:
In the forest, Emily ventured towards the lands she had been told about. She had managed to avoid any other cats, snapping several upon several twigs. By the time she arrived in the dark, muddy zone, her she was scratched up, patches of her fur missing. One would easily come to the assumption that she had ran into a few brambles, which... did actually happen. She stepped into the boggy lands, wandering until she was seen by a group of strange cats. They were hostile at first, as they had every right to be. However, seeing that she was the size of an elder kit, they didn't harm her. Instead, they ungratefully took the kit to their camp where she explained the entire thing to their leader. When asked why she should be allowed into the Clan, she tugged her loose collar off, snapping the pouch attached open.

Out from the pouch, many plants fell. All of them, Emily recognized from the housefolk's garden. All of them, the leader observed with careful eyes. After a moment waiting, the leader nodded. It seemed that they were in desperate need of the plants, but for what? Emily wasn't sure. She felt the leader's gaze land on her, studying her features. He gave a quick nod, but asked one simple question.

"May I see your paws?"

He studied the small feline's paws with a sigh. She was clawless, as were many kittypets. From this, it was quite easy to deduct her spot in the Clan. Though the time it took for the leader to accept her seemed quick, she paid no mind. He was most likely well-acquainted with his Clanmate before she had left, though the truth was never made known to the black-and-white she-cat. However, the ceremony did not take place immediately. Instead, she was sent to the nursery for another moon. During this time, she was studied and observed, the Clan looking to see what sort of promise she would show.

Precisely one moon later, leader stepped up in front of the Clan, voice loud as he gathered them all for a meeting. He began speaking shortly afterwards, calling Emily up with him, "Emily, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Emeraldpaw. Your mentor will be Blacknose. I hope Blacknose will pass down all he knows on to you."

A large white tom walked up, his nose a dark color that gave him his name. He spoke loud, but from the dullness of his coat to his dim eyes, it was easy to tell that he was old and still aging, "Cats of ShadowClan, as you know, I will not be around forever. So it's time I took an apprentice. I have chosen a cat who has shown confidence, kindness, loyalty, and compassion for her Clanmattes. Your next medicine cat will be Emeraldpaw."

The leader spoke once more, "Emeraldpaw, do you accept the post of apprentice to Blacknose?"

"I do," Emily Emeraldpaw replied, looking the leader directly in the face.

Blacknose spoke once more, "Then at the half-moon, you must travel to the MoonStone to be accepted by StarClan before the other medicine cats."

To end the ceremony, the leader bid her luck, "The good wishes of all ShadowClan will go with you."

For the next half-moon, Emeraldpaw lived in the Medicine Cats' Den. She focused intently on what Blacknose had to teach about the herbs and applying them. Before long, she was taken to Moonstone where she'd become the official medicine cat apprentice.

Blacknose spoke, gaze locked on to his apprentice, "Emeraldpaw, is it your wish to enter the mysteries of StarClan as a medicine cat?"

"It is."

"Then come forward," the elder tom beckoned, the green-eyes apprentice stepping forward, "Warriors of StarClan, I present you with this apprentice. She has chosen the path of a medicine cat. Grant her your wisdom and insight so that she may understand your ways and heal her Clan in accordance with your will."

From this, she did as she had been informed to do before the ceremony and drifted to sleep. Her dreams that night were full of starry cats, one of which gazed at her with much curiosity. The silver tabby walked over, sitting in front of her.

"Hello, Emeraldpaw," she meowed, "I am Smalleye, one of the many StarClan ancestors that you possess. I've seen that you aren't from here, so tell me... How can you connect with us so fast? Who is your birthmother?"

"Well, my mother spoke highly of you StarClan cats. She raised me on the religion, just about," Emeraldpaw sounded like she was holding a casual conversation, "And her name? Well, you'd recognize her as Webfur."

From there, the shimmering tabby began talking about important things such as the basis of StarClan. It was all over shortly, and Emeraldpaw and Blacknose returned to ShadowClan.
Part 3:
After a mere 13-and-a-half moons later, Emeraldpaw was taken to the Moonstone once more. She had known that she had become skilled in the ways of the medicine cat, helping with the birthing process and memorizing every herb like the pad of her paw. She was a prodigy, though she was slightly jealous that she had yet to get her full name. All of that was quickly changed, though, when Blacknose and her arrived at the shining rock. Met with the other medicine cats, her elderly mentor spoke.

"I, Blacknose, medicine cat of ShadowClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of a medicine cat, and with your help she will serve her Clan for many moons," the white tom coughed a bit in between parts, "Emeraldpaw, do you promise to uphold the way of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry between Clan and Clan, and to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?"

Of course, Emeraldpaw had her second thoughts about the 'cost of your life' part, but she nodded, a gleam of determination in her eyes. She would become a medicine cat, "I do."

"Then, by the powers of StarClan, I give you your true name as a medicine cat. Emeraldpaw, from this moment you shall be known as Emeraldgaze. StarClan honors your knowledge and certainty, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of ShadowClan." The ceremony ended as Blacknose rested his muzzle atop the new medicine cat's head, her licking his shoulder in return before they all turned and rested their noses against the cold stone of the MoonStone.

Emeraldpaw Emeraldgaze was faced with a dream that night, a dream like she hadn't recieved before. It was dark, the only light coming from her bright green eyes. She spent most of the time in that dream sitting, listening to an echo in the distance. It was coughing. Near the end, the figure of one specific feline stepped from the surrounding shadows. His dark nose was the only thing the poor medicine cat saw before he had toppled over, motionless. The next second, she blinked with her eyes opening to the familiar surroundings of the MoonStone. Her gaze landed on Blacknose as he awoke with a cough. Her gaze softened, quickly piecing the puzzle together.
Her mentor would die.

They travelled back to ShadowClan where, a few days later, Blacknose retired from his position in the Clan. The elder kept routine visits to see Emeraldgaze for herbs to deal with his cough, as did some of their other Clanmates. It wasn't until her former mentor collapsed that she recognized this as greencough. Taking come of the catnip from storage, she began passing it around, containing all of the other ill cats in her den until it was eradicated. Since then, she's been working as a solo medicine cat, nothing else super major happening in her life.
Other information - Emeraldgaze holds a secret from most of her Clanmates, minus the Clan leader and those close to her: Thanks to her kittypet past, she's declawed.
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Emeraldgaze, Medicine Cat of the Shadows Empty Re: Emeraldgaze, Medicine Cat of the Shadows

Post by Minkstar on Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:40 pm

Accepted, feel free to start roleplaying Smile
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