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StarClan - wise ancestors

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StarClan - wise ancestors Empty StarClan - wise ancestors

Post by Minkstar on Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:34 pm

StarClan is the home of the spirits of all cats' warrior ancestors. As each cat dies, they are visited by a member of StarClan, usually a cat they have known before, and taken to join starbound warriors.

StarClan is represented by Silverpelt, the sparkling swath of stars that stretches across the sky. StarClan is made up of cats from all Clans; however, individual cat-spirits retain their old loyalties and watch over cats from the Clans they used to belong to.

Clan cats look to starClan for help and guidance, but ultimately StarClan does not control what happens to the Clans.
Founder / Clan Leader
Founder / Clan Leader

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